Website Design

The internet is a constantly changing landscape, providing endless opportunities for all aspects of life, but it can also be overwhelming to even seasoned business owners. From providing continuous sources of information and exciting new ways to quickly engage customers, the internet can be an invaluable service for a well-tuned website. This is where we come in.

At ANS DATA, we begin every step of the design process by placing our client on center stage. Their needs and vision for their venture are the most important aspects of our creative efforts. From the first questions about the structure and nature of their business and market, to offering the final beta release of a new website, our design process keeps our client’s needs at the forefront and we do everything while utilizing the latest web design skills and technology.

How do our website services create beautiful, traffic-driven results? Through teamwork, creativity, and attention to detail.

  • First, our research team provides a comprehensive questionnaire to the client in order to better understand the unique vision they have for their website.
  • We listen closely to client input during the entire design process.
  • We determine the target audience, market, and overall uses of the site.
  • We provide, at least, three mock-ups for client review.
  • After the client approves the design, we fine tune it to the highest possible SEO (search engine optimization), which is the heartbeat of internet traffic.
  • We offer the client one more review.
  • Finally, we publish a newly created, high-quality website to our client’s server, one that will draw repeat visitors who will want to share this quality work with others.