Website Maintenance

In an era, when internet rules your business portfolio it is indeed not enough to just design the website and place it on the World Wide Web. To have a successful business presence therefore not only website design, banner design, website redesign or logo design plays the role, but website maintenance is equally important. If you want to add an edge to your website and want it to achieve its fundamental goals then keeping the website up to date while maintaining it is certainly important.

At ANS DATA, we undertake a varied range of activities for maintaining website:

  • We update the content with relevant, keyword specific information.
  • After researching on the targeted keywords we add new pages to the website.
  • We Optimize the website pages, targeting the major search engines.
  • We add new dynamic features to the website.
  • We develop tools for generating reports to help you in monitoring the site’s progression.
  • We change the design templates of the website to make it look contemporary.
  • We add various interactive components to the website.

Our website maintenance service involves a number of creative steps. Right before we start with the site maintenance process we try to understand the preferences of our client and also assess the business model of our client. This helps us in incorporating dynamic features to the website in increasing the visibility and relevant traffic footprints. After a brainstorming session with our client we implement the changes to the website to augment the marketing drive for the site.

With a team of professional designers, programmers, SEO experts and content writers we act as the one stop consultant for our clients in regard to their entire web related needs.